We want equal opportunities for all. We focus on those with the least opportunity but high potential, enabling job creation and qualification of young workers & entrepreneurs.

Leadership programs

for young adults

You dropped out of high school and struggle to step on the career path? We assist young adults in becoming job ready and support them in:

  • applying for bursaries and college for upskilling,
  • finding a suitable career path based on personal strengths and interests,
  • writing convincing CVs and preparing adequately for job interviews,
  • finding internships & jobs that bring them forward.

Our leadership program consists in individual coachings tailored to the need of the participants and led by professional trainers (learn more here about our trainers).

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Support for small enterprises

Life gives you lemons? Make lemonade and sell it! Starting an own little business is a good way to find employment. The road may be tough – but we help succeed entrepreneurial minds who don’t get beaten down by hardships, thanks to professional support in:

  • business registration,
  • business administration,
  • marketing and advertisement,
  • and more.

Based on many years of experience, Charnice, founder of JC Moloto Solutions, can boost your entrepreneurial endeavour.

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