JC Moloto Solutions was born of a community feeding, under the leadership of Charnice Blaauw. Charnice, born and bred in Steenberg, a poor district of Cape Town (strictly economically speaking!), knows exactly the hardships of her community Steenberg.

People from her community struggle to access adequate jobs with good working conditions. May it be the youth who can’t present themselves in CVs and job interviews, or adults who are unable to get their small business going. Yet they are extremely motivated!

The disadvantages simply stem from a lack of skills and knowledge that underserved communities are cut off from. These skills can be provided… by JC Moloto Solutions! That is how JC Moloto Solutions, after many years of under-the-radar engagement, came officially to life in 2021, deriving its name in hommage of the founder’s deceased father. As the proud founder and director of JC Moloto Solutions, Charnice is on a mission to make waves, not just ripples, in the realm of social change.

The backbone of JC Moloto Solutions is not only the community it supports, but also by three core values embedded into the organisation:

We are strongly driven by enabling people to become master of their own career.

As a grass-root organisation, we are deeply involved with the community that guides our actions.

We serve uniquely people from underserved and disadvantaged communities.

Charnice Blauuw

Founder of JC Moloto Solutions

Charnice is a dedicated woman from Steenberg, having been exposed to the struggles of her community from a young age.
After her studies in entrepreneruship, her journey began with working in FixForward, revealing her true calling in empowering others. At this local NGO, she cut her teeth as the assistant to the head, working tirelessly to empower business(wo)men from the townships of Cape Town. Later, as financial steward and operational guru at the Village Care Center, she steeled her resilience with the challenges and rough days of the disadvantaged area she was serving. And, despite facing a period of illness that left her bedridden for two and a half years, she continued to assist those in need, from feeding the hungry to offering consulting services. As she recovered, she founded JC Moloto, aimed at reaching a broader and wider community.

Through her remarkable journey, this young woman has proven that even in the darkest moments, the power of passion and determination can drive us forward.

Che-lynn Seegars

Board of Trustee of JC Moloto Solutions

Bright and ambitious, she brings her expertise in Financial management to our team! With a passion for numbers and a drive to help others succeed, she is dedicated to supporting small business owners in managing their financial affairs. Whether it’s bookkeeping, budgeting, or navigating the complexities of accounting, she offers valuable guidance and assistance to help entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Lynette Liebenberg

Board of Trustee of JC Moloto Solutions

A dedicated and passionate individual who has made a significant impact in the community through her own Early Childhood Development (ECD) Non-Profit Organization. Living in the area, she has witnessed firsthand the pressing need for youth development initiatives. Her commitment to uplifting and empowering young people aligns perfectly with our mission. As a recipient of our business support services, she has experienced the value of our work and is now eager to contribute her expertise and enthusiasm to our initiative.

Jessica Bonbon

Partner of JC Moloto Solutions

The founder met Jessica ten years ago, while working at a social upliftment NGO. This chance encounter led to a lifelong bond as partners in a shared mission to unlock the potential of youth who have been denied opportunities. In addition to co-developing JC Moloto’s leadership program who inspires and uplifts countless young people, Jessica is the founder of our a partnering organization called Capetopia e.V.

Capetopia e.V. is a social organisation founded in Germany in 2020, dedicated to realise social and sustainable projects in Cape Town. Its founder had a deep-seated love for South Africa, who stayed in the Mother City for almost three years. Inspired by the words of Oscar Wilde, “Progress is the realisation of Utopia,” Capetopia is committed to transforming visions into tangible realities, focussing on Sustainability, Social Equality and Security – Cape Town’s foremost challanges but also greatest opportunities for meaningful change.

An organization dedicated to youth upliftment and empowerment. Through our collaborative efforts, they refer youth who fit our program criteria, ensuring we reach those who need our support most. They also provide a convenient and accessible space for our programs, strategically located in the heart of our target market. This partnership allows us to effectively reach
and serve the audience we’re dedicated to supporting, with the assurance that our resources are being directed exactly where the need is greatest.